28 June 2019

Afep supports soft law approach on companies’ due diligence

In light of current discussions on how to implement companies’ due diligence through supply chains at European level, AFEP supports a constructive EU soft law approach and warns against the shortcomings of a mandatory duty of care obligation coupled with civil liability which would lead to excessive litigation, the judicialization of the relationship with stakeholders and competitive distortions inside and outside the EU.

26 June 2019

Review of the Market Abuse Regulation : Companies main concerns

In the context of the review of the Market Abuse Regulation by the European Commission in 2019, Afep has identified the main concerns for its members that need to be addressed regarding the delay of the disclosure of inside information, insider lists, managers’ transactions notifications, closed periods, share buybacks and market soundings..

3 June 2019


In a context of increasing trade tensions and technological changes that deeply modify international trade, Afep made a survey on large French companies ‘ priorities for the update of the EU trade policy to be made at the beginning of the new European Parliament and Commission’s term.

29 May 2019

AFEP’s 10 Initiatives for an Attractive, Competitive and Sustainable Europe

The European Union enters this year into a new political cycle. The French Association of Large Companies (AFEP) is seizing this opportunity to propose its 10 priority initiatives for the next five years.