Helping to produce modern, legible and consistent corporate law that will promote competitiveness in France and its companies.

Corporate law is an issue that affects international attractiveness and national sovereignty. AFEP helps to produce modern, legible and consistent corporate law that will promote competitiveness in France and its companies.

Against this background of instability and increasingly complex laws, AFEP has become involved in a number of areas, to ensure that companies’ voices are heard at national and European level, given that the term “corporate law” covers areas as diverse as:

  • company law, dealing more specifically with simplification, general meetings of listed companies, employee shareholding, securities law, European Directives such as those on shareholders’ rights, cross-border mergers, the draft Directive on head office transfers;
  • financial markets and investor relations law, dealing with public offerings, legislation on market abuses, investor relations and proxy advisers, AMF regulations and recommendations, the Directives on the transparency obligations of listed companies and the transparency of non-financial information;
  • prevention of corruption; legislation on business secrecy; legislation on interest representatives; ethical whistleblowing mechanisms; protection of the opinions of internal lawyers and the status of company lawyers;
  • civil law with the reform of contract law and the reform of civil liability.
Odile de BrossesDirector of the Legal Department

Odile de Brosses holds a Master’s in Advanced Studies (DEA) in corporate law from the Université Panthéon-Assas and a CAPA (legal practitioner’s certificate), and worked as a lawyer at the Strasbourg and Hauts de Seine Bars from 1987 to 1997, before joining AFEP as Director of the Legal Department. In this role, she organises company director working groups to prepare AFEP’s positions on matters of corporate law and corporate governance, both nationally and at European level. The positions are then presented to the public authorities.

She has been involved in the successive developments of the AFEP/MEDEF Corporate Governance Code. She has also participated in various financial market working groups, in particular the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority). She is a member of the IFA Legal Committee and President of the EuropeanIssuers Policy Committee.

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