Taking into account the environmental, social and societal impact of business

Companies are essential to the prosperity of France. They are the driving force behind growth, innovation and job creation. However, their activities can also have negative impacts on health and the environment, or cause accidents. AFEP’s member companies are committed to a continuous progress approach and are among the best CSR performers on a global scale.

AFEP’s companies are continuously aiming to improve consideration of the environmental, social and societal impacts of their activities. Proof of is that the major French groups are already recognised as the most compliant with international standards on human rights and environmental protection.

Ecovadis Barometer: 73% of large French companies have an appropriate, exemplary CSR policy, compared to the OECD average of 52%.

Many large companies have made voluntary commitments to CSR which, in conjunction with increased transparency, have resulted in important changes. These initiatives now need to be reinforced with the different stakeholders – public authorities, NGOs and international organisations. Companies cannot solve on their own all the problems related to the existence of different legal environments in the countries where they operate. To meet this challenge comprehensively, cooperation between all stakeholders is needed.

AFEP is a key place for interaction where companies can share their experiences and good practices, as well as the challenges and problems they have encountered when managing CSR risks in their business and their business relationships.

Elisabeth GambertDirector of CSR and International Affairs

Elisabeth Gambert has been the CSR and International Affairs Director at AFEP since 2013, responsible for monitoring matters of corporate social responsibility and coordinating AFEP’s bilateral relations with its counterpart associations in other Member States of the European Union. She holds a Masters in Law from the University of Vienna (Austria), a Master’s in Advanced Studies (DEA) in European Law from the Université de Rennes I and a European Masters in Governance and Administration (Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne). Before joining AFEP, she worked in Brussels, in particular for FEDIOL (EU Federation of Seed Crushers and Oil Processors), and in Vienna, at the Court of First Instance. She is co-Chair of the Corporate reporting working group of the European Association of Listed Companies, EuropeanIssuers.

Elisabeth Gambert
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