Defending fair competition between companies guarantees a competitive economy.

Highlighting the value of the French economy in a complex international environment is one of AFEP’s constant concerns. Fair, profitable competition in all areas (consumer rights, intellectual property, digital, etc.) is a guarantee of competitiveness and a major issue for AFEP, which it lobbies for in Paris and Brussels.

It strives to create conditions for companies that are as conducive to growth as possible, and of financial benefit to all the economic stakeholders (consumers, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers). In this context, it pays specific attention to better inter-company relations by highlighting shared good practices.

Building a dynamic economy with more and better jobs requires a stable legal environment conducive to innovation:

  • competition in national and international markets must be considered without excessive naivety, in the light of sometimes very different approaches in non-member countries, so that European and French companies have the means to develop;


  • intellectual property must remain a major foundation of the European zone economy as a whole, by supporting rightholders’ research and innovation efforts, and their fight against counterfeiting, something that is constantly on the rise in many sectors of activity;


  • in a continually changing digital context, companies must protect the personal data they manage (employees or clients) to the best of their ability. Unprecedented changes are indeed taking place, due to the management of this mass of information by companies and the views of citizens on how it is managed. Analysis of consumer tastes, collection of health data, prediction of events – data is present in every sector of the economy. For this reason, the legal and regulatory frameworks must be considered in a global, pragmatic manner, through texts that are flexible enough to withstand the rapid changes in this sector and enable the necessary adaptations without excessive administrative constraints.
Emmanuelle Flament-MascaretDirector of Business Affairs and Intellectual Property

Emmanuelle Flament-Mascaret joined AFEP in 2001 as Director of Business Affairs and Intellectual Property.

She focuses on competition, consumer rights, intellectual property (patents mainly) and now on digital matters (personal data protection, the data economy). She represents AFEP’s positions in these different areas to the public authorities in both Brussels and Paris, produced from the working groups she regularly leads. She began her career at the Commission des Opérations de Bourse (COB), now the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), where she held various posts (Public Relations Department, Operations and Financial Information Department ).

Emmanuelle Flament-Mascaret
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