Integrating environmental, climate and energy issues into business strategy

Large companies are aware of their impact on the environment and have a key role to play in promoting new production models and developing technological solutions to improve their environmental, climate and energy performance.

Sustainable development is now a central priority for AFEP’s companies: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, acceleration of circular economy practices, control of industrial risks, and development of practical experimental approaches in conjunction with the public authorities.

As globalisation has increased, pressure on non-renewable resources, including energy resources, has become even greater. As major, global players in the economy, large companies play a pivotal role in promoting production methods that protect the environment and the climate. Their international presence gives them the means to be the first to spread their environmental, climate and energy know-how all over the world.

The pro-active initiatives they introduce to help the environment, climate and energy will encourage their ecosystem of suppliers, clients and partners to implement best practices.

AFEP and large companies are open-facing organisations that have learned how to form constructive dialogue with the different stakeholders (government, NGOs, European Union, international organisations), to produce a shared diagnosis and progressive solutions for the environment, climate and energy.

François-Nicolas BoquetDirector of Environment and Energy

François-Nicolas Boquet joined AFEP as Director of Environment and Energy in 2000.

He is particularly interested in climate change, energy strategy (energy efficiency and competitiveness of energy-intensive companies, energy costs), eco-taxation, industrial risks (industrial emissions, technological risks, environmental responsibility) and the circular economy. A graduate of AgroPariTech, he was a Consultant at Bossard (now Cap Gemini) between 1995 and 2000.


François-Nicolas Boquet
fn.boquet@nullafep.com01 43 59 71 40


10 July 2018

Afep companies mobilise in support of biodiversity

As part of the Act4nature multi-stakeholder initiative, 30 AFEP companies have come together in support of biodiversity, with voluntary commitments put forward in July 2018. In total, 65 companies are involved in the initiative, all represented by their Directors.

23 May 2018

United Nations Global Pact: AFEP reiterates its support

Two years after signing the United Nations Global Pact, AFEP has published its report on commitment to the ten principles in the field of human rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures. The report describes its actions and presents the results.

19 February 2018

Climate risk analysis: How to improve its assessment? Study by The Shift Project think tank for AFEP

A crucial business risk with too many analysis methodologies

16 May 2017

European Commission Clean Energy Package

AFEP’s member companies welcome the Clean Energy package published on 30 November 2016, as an ambitious step towards the Energy Union.

17 April 2017

European Commission Clean Energy Package AFEP’s position paper

AFEP welcomes the Clean Energy package, as an ambitious step towards the Energy Union. Our member companies are already major players of the low-carbon economy and expect that the Clean Energy Package will help delivering the targets in line with the Paris agreement, while protecting their competitiveness.

1 February 2017

Circular economy 33 companies working together, with 100 commitments

AFEP is delighted to present the 100 commitments to the circular economy made by 33 member companies